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Product development, manufacturing, inventory, logistics are all set. But even if it already has a FDA, CE or CCC marking it may be insufficient to get all permits to start doing business.

You have found a competitive niche in the Brazilian market. What now?

Certain classes of products must comply with the Brazilian Product Certification requirements, which is one of the most strict regulations in the world concerning product and consumer safety.

Fortunately most regulations are derived of International Standards (such as ISO, IEC, ANSI etc), allowing manufacturers to evaluate their products against a objective set of criteria and perform the necessary adaptations. However this is not a rule of thumb, and some products may have their own specific set of INMETRO requirements. INMETRO is one of the main Brazilian Certification Bodies. Responsible for the standardization of most manufactured products except medical related.

Dairiki Consulting is an INMETRO certification specialist, having successfully certified hundreds of different products to date for national and multinational companies. Where International standards fall short and you don’t know what to do, we can provide you guidance through the certification process, wherever you are.

Inmetro Documentation and Standards Delivery

  • Identify, track and interpret Inmetro Product Ordinances and Decrees
  • Provide Brazil ABNT Standards
  • Provide insights of Brazilian Government Official Documents
  • Technical Consulting Services

Compliance Testing Service

  • Pre- and Full-compliance testing arrangement
  • Technical Advice on Compliance Engineering, related to specific INMETRO requirements
  • Safety and Risk Assessments

Technical Documentation Service

  • Process Technical Files and Technical Documentation
  • Providing Declaration of Conformity



Electronic Registration

  • Product Registration at Inmetro
  • Supervision of INMETRO number generation process

Labeling and Document Translation

  • Access to translation partners into Portuguese
  • Users Manual and Installation Instructions
  • Labeling Advice and Translation

what is inmetro?

From the INMETRO (National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology) website:

National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology was created by law in December, 1973, to support Brazilian enterprises, to increase their productivity and the
quality of goods and services.

Its major task is to improve the quality of life of the ordinary citizen as well as to seek the competitiveness of the economy through metrology and quality.

Among several other duties INMETRO is the national entity responsible for the Product Conformity Assessment program, funded by the Brazilian government and technically supported by industry, laboratories and universities.

If your product has to be INMETRO certified, your manufacturing plant must have a working Quality Management System which will be assessed by a lead auditor in place. Your product will be also subjected to laboratory compliance tests.

In case you are successful, your company will receive a certificate. Some products require an unique INMETRO registration number.

The certification process, from start to end, may take anything between 3 to 12 months if you need to retake tests or rework your documents. Therefore we don’t advise any foreign companies to start the certification process without proper guidance.

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